Now Living in Thailand…

January 8, 2007 at 1:24 am Leave a comment

Greetings from the “Land of Smiles”!
I have not written in my blog since mid October. Wow, that is ridiculous!

Well, quite a few things have happened since then and it will take me quite a while just to get this up to date.

You can now tell from the changed blog header that I no longer live in China. I presently live in the “City of Angels”, that’s Bangkok for most people.

Why did I move? Well the reasons are a bit complex, but they did involve a lot of thought. The simple reasons such as “I can’t face another winter in -25’C!” helped a bit in choosing Thailand as my next stop but this was obviously a very small part of it.

I really enjoyed my time in China for the last four or so years. I could write volumes on the interesting things that have happened to me there and will certainly be back as often as I can. On the other hand, however rich the culture in China is, it will never be my own and I can never be fully attached to it. I have lived in the rich areas of China as well as the poor and have visited almost every corner of the country. I just felt, at this point in my life that it was time to move on, see different things and experience life at a different pace.

I am now in Thailand to pursue some very interesting and exciting business opportunities, more of which I will explain later.

It has been a very fascinating, busy and mind-expanding few months here in Thailand and I will attempt to record a few of these events in the next few days. Check back here soon!


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