Wrecking Our Only Home – Thoughts on PM2.5 and What it Symbolizes

December 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

china-pollution_0Looking outside my window as the train speeds by the Chinese countryside at over 300km/h, I am awed not by the engineering feat and technology that is taking me at this speed but by the incredible state of pollution that this and other advancements have helped create.

A depressing sight of a gray/brown sky, dead trees, plastic bags, depleted soils, countless ruined building and whole villages litter the land and sky. Millions breathing this foul, thick and strangely saccharine air. The smell of failed human nature, greed and death is filling my nostrils and repulses me.

Some questions beg to be asked as I look out that window, hearing people cough around me and I too actually gasp for clean air to breath.

I am now facing the fate and future of the planet? Is this unabated consumption driven “progress” worth it? What are we doing to ourselves? What are we thinking? Will we ever be able to think beyond our immediate whims?

Our race to make things go faster, easier, lower costs, higher yield and so on are wrecking our only home. Short-sighted human self-centeredness, greed, the constant need to outdo others and the inherent drive to achieve more is destroying the earth. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Eastern China.

The facade of wealth, its un-sustainability and the perceived better and improved life will eventually come tumbling down. It already has so in great sections of humanity that most of us in the Western World have not faced directly.

Time for a major reset is due, not only in this part of China I have observed today but throughout this sick and slowly dying world. A reset of thoughts and actions. A reset of priorities, real wants and needs.

Resets that needs to begin with a deep revulsion of what each of us to some extent is guilty of doing to our only home.

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