About Dominic Rivard

Award winning commercial winemaker, wine distributor, exporter, author and passionate about wines, ciders and wine industry innovations.

With over 18 years experience in the wine industry, Dominic has been passionately interested in wine since the age of 17 when he started making wine from local fruits and grapes.

After becoming a qualified sommelier, he studied advanced winemaking and oenology and undertook and passed the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma with distinctions. He is now studying towards the prestigious Master of Wine accreditation.
He is a founding director of the Fruit Wines of Canada Association, which was involved in promoting wines and its industry throughout Canada.

Over the last decade, Dominic has been busy running numerous wine production and exportation projects with wineries and wine importers/distributors in Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, UK, Tanzania, Chile, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan as well as China.
He has been a speaker on the subject of winemaking and wine marketing at various symposiums throughout the world.

Dominic has been engaged in R&D projects in the industry and has perfected numerous dessert wine production techniques including ice fruit wine cryo-extraction. He specializes in cider, fruit wine, dessert wine and ice wine production and is known in wine industry circles as an authority in fruit wine making.

Dominic has been very active in the burgeoning Asian wine industry as consultant winemaker, wine judge in various countries in Asia including China, India and Thailand.

Presently, Dominic is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada and has taken up sustainable and organic fruit growing and continuing to assist many wineries in their wine production on a consultant basis. He operates his own winery and wine trading company and loves to help other wineries develop award winning wines and ciders.

He is enthusiastic about the developments in the fruit wine and cider industry and its great potential not only locally but on a global basis.

He can also be reached for consulting projects at dominic@wineplanet.ca or +1.413.551.9463 and available anywhere in the world.

More information here: http://www.djrivard.com

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