Starting to Plant

We started planting on our farm today. Planted a 1000 raspberry canes, not easy work with another thousand to go tomorrow. Planting two varieties; Royalties and Novas.

Next will be and acre and a half of Honeycrisp apples, after that it will be a bit under an acre of blueberries.

Feeling good about my new fruit growing venture and the learning curve is very steep. It’s all good though…

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Our New Dog -Tess

Yesterday we got a new pet. A cute little Border Collie whom we called “Tess”.

She is certainly a handful but very smart and loving.

We will enjoy her company and will be a great addition to the family.

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Roto Tilling ’till the cows come home…

I have almost four acres of land to get ready asap in order to plant hopefully by the end of the week.

Planting raspberries, apples, blueberries and cherry trees this Spring. A project that is more work than I originally thought but immensly satisfying. So lately, all I’ve been up to is spraying herbicides on this land that has never been cultivated before, plowing, correcting soil ph with limeor sulphur, adding fertilizers, boron, etc and now rototilling, and rotolilling again in order to tame this land. I’m getting there and things are starting to look good.

Looking forward to planting and seeing neat rows of fruit starting to take shape.

The wine will be ready in 4-5 years! 😉

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Baby Chicks Have Arrived

Yesterday our new batch of baby chickens have arrived. This time a “meat kings” variety.

We now have a new chicken pen to accomodate them and apparently they will be ready to eat in a few months although they are so cute now the thought having to kill them is not very easy to bare.

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Basketball Tounament Winners

Emma has grown to love sports. Sport was not really encouraged at her school in Tailand but here in Nova Scotia, its a big deal with lots of support. This has worked well for our daughters, especially Emma who’s team has recently won the local basketball tournament.
Go Emma Go!

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Going Snowshoeing

Spent a cold snowy day learning how to snowshoe. Was a fun time by all, even though I spent most of the time tieing on the kids snowshoes…

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Frosty Morning

frosty morning

Originally uploaded by Rivard

Waking up to a very frosty winter’s morning. The frost patterns on my bedroom window has put this into perspective and awakened my creative spirit…

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