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Beer Time in Seoul, Korea

After business meetings all day, the REAL business starts in Korea. That is over pints of beer or more often “Soju”.

When everyone is in a more relaxed mood and often feeling a little euphoric, then business decisions are often made between all involved. Business in Asia is often conducted emotionally and by “feeling”.

It doesn’t matter how many spreadsheets or financial data you look at, what often matters is how the Korean partner feels about you and your integrity or way you do business.

Anyway, that evening was quite fun and we all go to know each other better which will hopefully lead to a lot of business and more “beer time”!


July 25, 2007 at 5:36 am 1 comment

Fun Times in Beijing…

This is exactly what it seems… Two drunk guys at a large company gala having a great time!

Our headquarter company had their 15th year anniversary celebration and we were out in force to help with the festivities.

Actually, there was lots to celebrate. The company Macrolink started from a US$1000 investment 15 years ago to sales of over 1.8 billion RMB and profits of 400 million RMB this year. The growth curve is now exponential and the head boss has declared publically that he promises to create a 1000 new millionaires out of the executive staff within the next three years!

The party was great (it had to be if you spend 20 million RMB on a party) and it has pumped up and inspired all who attended.

China is doing well, let the good times roll!!

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