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Chinese Idol

My kids have been involved for the last couple of months in a series of singing and dance competitions organised by schools in the region. The competition was divided up by age group and event category.

Both Emma and Gabrielle have been diligently practicing their song and dance routines (in Chinese) on a daily basis aided by our Ayi. Our Ayi (our maid) has taken up the challenge of becoming our Children’s “manager” and has been quite proud of their progress.

Well, after both kids sailed through three rounds of eliminations; they finally got to the finals, which was televised at the local TV station.

It was great to see how conscientious both girls were to get their routine “just right”. There was a bit of stage fright with cameras and so many people there to cheer them on but they did very well. They were certainly a sight or oddity being the only white kids to sing and dance in flawless Chinese in a local singing contest.

Both did quite well. Emma came in third and Gabrielle sixth in their grouping as she was a little more nervous. They may have faired better if there were able to attract more “call-in” votes from friends and family, but we are a little low on the friends and family department!! (perhaps a bit of a money grab charging one RMB per call). The whole experience was like the popular “American Idol”, we could call it “Tonghua Idol”….

Overall, it was a great experience for them and a step further towards their dream of becoming international pop stars!

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China Dolls on Display

My wife teaches English at three schools. She is very busy and in high demand. She teaches at our kid’s school in the mornings and is loved by all young students there.

Today was a special day at that school. It was a bit of a commemorative day and for the event, there were local politicians present, speeches were done, camera crews were there doing interviews with teachers including my wife who had to express the main differences between “Western” and “Eastern” styles of primary school education. Interestingly, the children performed various dance routines, songs and acrobatics. Our own children were part of the performances and it was all very cute.

All the children were perfectly well behaved for the event and the performances were flawless. It was apparent that they had been practicing for this day a long while. It was very interesting to see these kids so well disciplined and proud of themselves. They did a great job of showing off their school to the public and to their parents.

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