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One interesting but very annoying thing about being one of the only “whities” living in a far flung place like Tonghua is that absolutely everywhere we go as a family, we attract a huge amount of attention. People love to just stare at us, touch our kids, practice the few words of English they know on us and generally show genuine curiosity about what we are doing in their city.

Either we are a source of cheap entertainment for the general public or really most people here simply haven’t seen that many white people around. What compounds their interest is that we have three small children (and they are pretty cute for that matter). Families with more than one child is a bit of a relic of the past in this country of the one-child policy so seeing three sisters playing and laughing together is something that may be worth “seeing”.

Everywhere we go, we are encountered with people that want to take our pictures with them or become friends. Flattering but it gets annoying very quickly. It’s nice to be at the center of the attention and popular but we often feel like we are zoo animals!

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