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Dad Visits the Winery

My father has been in China with us on holidays for a few weeks now. He has thoroughly enjoyed his trip and experienced daily life in China which was obviously totally alien to what he has been used to in the last 60 years.

Having worked with me in the wine industry in Canada before, he expressed his interest in visiting what a Chinese winery looks like so we spent a few hours doing a tour. What amazed him the most was the sheer amount of workers at a winery this size compared to the same size winery in North America or Europe. Labour is cheap hear, so this is one of the advantages most manufacturing companies here have. The winery is not as well organized as western world wineries would be but it did exceed what he expected to see.

As time goes on, this winery as well as the Chinese wine industry in general will be pretty much on par with the industry outside of China and the quality of its wines also. Watch out wine world, here comes China!

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