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I Got Cupped!

I went for a massage last night which was nice and relaxing. I need that every one or two weeks and think it is a very healthy thing to do.

The massage parlour down the street is considered my “local” and the girls there all know me. They give great foot and body massages and the price is incredibly cheap.

Last night I though I would try something a bit different and decided to have the traditional suction cup treatment done on me. I have one word to describe how it felt: OUCH!

First the girl scraped a layer of skin off my back with some sort of knife, then applied a whole bunch of glass suction cup vacuums all over it. I looked like the freak with all those glass bottles on my back.

The pain was very acute for the first 10-15 minutes then I got used to it and it eventually subsided.

One thing happened after this treatment was that I felt very peaceful after it was done and actually fell asleep immediately. I am sure this treatment has some merit, it better after all this pain!

This treatment is an ancient practice and is still widely used throughout China. It is also becoming “trendy” in the west. There is a lot of good info on the cupping treatment at this website.

The bruises will remain for a few days but maybe I will be better for it.

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