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North Korean Girl

Had a great traditional North Korean lunch at a border town. A facinating experience…

The North Koreans are obviously a proud people and did their best to impress us with their hospitality and cuisine!

We were treated to traditional dance and signing while we were eating and of course a little bit of propaganda how how great their leader is, etc, etc.

The surroundings outside were rather bleak but inside this restaurant, you temporarily forgot that North Korea was a repressive regime where a lot of its citizens are either starving of facing a harsh quality of life…

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Look Mom, I’m in North Korea!

On a consulting job in Tonghua, I took a day off to go and look at the vineyards overlooking the North Korean border.

There is a real difference between the two landscapes divided up by the river between them. I did walk along the rail bridge crossing the river and did venture a few meters on the North Korean side.

The guards were a ways down the bridge so I was ok, it was as far as I wished to venture…

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Went to North Korea today…

I was in Jian today, which is a town on the border with North Korea. It was a beautiful day so I decided to rent a boat and take a short trip along the river separating the two countries.

As I ventured into the North Korean side of the river and very close to the shore I was able to spot numerous DPRK army personnel with machine guns patrolling the river shore. I presume to make sure none of its citizens have the strange idea of trying to escape to China and flee their crazy regime, extreme poverty and hunger. The boat driver mentioned that many people are shot every year trying to do just that and we should not get too much closer to the shore or we may face the risk of being at the receiving end of a North Korean bullet. I agreed with him and we headed back to China promptly after taking a few pictures.

The little of DPRK that I saw was very poor, no cars, signs, advertising of any kind, just a few army trucks speeding down dirt roads and mud brink homes. I did see a few people waving at us but their wave signified us to leave, not a “hello” type of wave. The whole feeling was just a bit creepy…

Going back towards China felt like a relief even though this part of China is also very poor, it looked like Disneyland compared to what I saw of North Korea.

After this short boat ride along the shores of North Korea, I enjoyed a nice meal and a beer by the Chinese riverside and felt thankful that I was lucky enough to have been born on the “other” side…

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