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Party in Changchun

I was invited to the 70th Anniversary of Tonghua winery in Changchin, Jilin. It was a heck of a party. Over 10 million RMB was spent on the event, so it had better been good.

I was able to meet up with some very interesting people, catch up with some old friends and unfortunatly drink a lot more than I would have liked.

Tonghua winery is the second oldest winery in China and they have announced the purchase of a Canadian winery, so this party was a large scale promotional event to get as much media publicity as possible.

I think they achieved what they wanted…

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Checking Out Pattaya…

Now that I am back in Thailand for a while, I am presently in the process of figuring out where to set-up a winery once financing is in place. Thailand is a very diverse place, with many areas that would probably be a good spot to set up. All areas are theoretically good. Fruit is available anywhere and prices do not really change too much from place to place, however there would be pros and cons for each potential place.

For the next few weeks, I am to visit many parts of Thailand to figure out where to set up shop so to speak.

I figured I would first go look around Pattaya City. It is a very popular tourist spot, quite close to Bangkok and there is already a large winery being set up there.

During this short trip, I visited industrial estates in the “EPZ” areas (Export Production Zones), the countryside along the way and Pattaya itself.

First impressions: Pattaya is a VERY interesting place.

Pattaya is nestled along the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand roughly 160 km southeast of Bangkok. From a fishing village in the 60’s, Pattaya has emerged as a favourite Southeast Asian vacation spot, particularly admired by Europeans, especially Eastern Europeans and Russians.

Pattaya is a very busy beach resort with countless restaurants, shopping malls and an overwhelming array of night entertainment facilities. I would compare Pattaya as the “Acapulco” of Thailand. There is a heck of a lot of things to do here and the city is a non-stop entertainment and water sports Mecca. However, what I think makes Pattaya particularly famous is its beer bars, nightclubs, exotic/erotic shows, saunas, massage parlours, and the very open and public sex trade. Pattaya at night is one huge party zone, especially along “Walking Street”. I would say that the majority of tourists in Pattaya are single men…but they do not remain “single” for long….

As an area to go and enjoy the beach, Pattaya is not the place to go; however, to take part in the incredible amount of entertainment available there, it should not be missed.

The Silverlake Winery being set up very near Pattaya is very beautiful. Obviously, a lot of money is being poured into the project and much of it is from the European Union. It is being set up as not only a winery and vineyard but also a full service entertainment destination. I think they will do well for sure.

My initial thinking on the Pattaya is: Place to party? – . A place to do a wine business? –

Not that it is a bad place, it does have many pluses going for it but I just did not see any real Thai culture there. The whole area is incredibly westernized and is a big party town. I feel that people going there are mostly beer drinkers and would not go to Pattaya to visit wineries.

Overall, I really enjoyed my short trip to Pattaya. I will probably be back to party, maybe even sell wine, but I will leave it at that… wine

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Christmas a Month Early…

After a busy time traveling the country, it was very nice to be back with my family in Montreal. Even though I was very tired, my very large extended family took this occasion to have their annual Christmas party bash on November 25.

Why a month early you ask? This was the only time that the whole family would be together in one city for a long time. At Christmas time, quite a few members would be in Europe, I would be back in Thailand and my father, one of my uncles and aunt and a cousin would be in Thailand with me. Therefore, this was the perfect time to have a party and have as many people attend as possible.

It was held in one of my aunt’s apartment in “Plateau Mont Royale” and almost everyone attended, including my aging grandparents. A blast was had by all! wine

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Post Wedding Dinner

A couple of nights ago, we all went to our “Ayi’s” (maid) post-wedding dinner. It was a nice time and got to meet her husband and some of her friends. The restaurants was…interesting. Very typical of small Chinese towns, VERY dirty but the food was excellent.

Don’t they say that the best food comes from the dirtiest kitchens?

A good time was had by all.

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Fun Times in Beijing…

This is exactly what it seems… Two drunk guys at a large company gala having a great time!

Our headquarter company had their 15th year anniversary celebration and we were out in force to help with the festivities.

Actually, there was lots to celebrate. The company Macrolink started from a US$1000 investment 15 years ago to sales of over 1.8 billion RMB and profits of 400 million RMB this year. The growth curve is now exponential and the head boss has declared publically that he promises to create a 1000 new millionaires out of the executive staff within the next three years!

The party was great (it had to be if you spend 20 million RMB on a party) and it has pumped up and inspired all who attended.

China is doing well, let the good times roll!!

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