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Addicted to Flickr!

I think it is safe to say that I have become addited to That photo sharing website now owned by Yahoo. I have signed up about a month ago and after countless hours looking at pictures from very talented photographers who have their pictures on it and uploading a lot of my own, I have upgraded to a “pro” acount. So now I can go nuts with it and upload as many pictures as I want.

I even got my first picture “favourited” yesterday which gives you a nice feeling (this picture was the first one to get voted which was a bit surprising to me). I keep finding myself loging back on very regularly to see how many “views” my pictures are getting or if any of them generated any comments from other photographers. Now I am commenting on other people’s pictures and building my own list of “favourites”.

Actually, I get a lot of good ideas and inspiration from other people’s quality pictures and this has re-vived my interest in photography.

Clare and I are thinking about writing a coffee table book on Chinese people which would include a lot of pictures of people we meet in our travels in China. So we will start building a bit of a picture portfolio and keep it on that site.

So if anyone is reading this, check out my pics at: and tell me what you think!

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