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Goodbye Rabbit

Yesterday we said good buy to a good family friend. It was time to part ways and it was for the best of all of us.

After agreeing that our apartment was just too small for all of us and that our friend would be better off in a large yard, the temperature being very nice now to provide a comfortable living condition and a fresh, unlimited supply of food for our friend, we made a decision.

We took our rabbit to a beautiful area, far from the city and where peasants would view it as an easy food source. We found a nice hill side, overlooking a lake, lots of lush green grass to eat and fresh air to breathe. Hey, it may even be able to find a friend and start a little bunny family…

I think our little rabbit will be much happier there than in a small cage in the corner of a cluttered bedroom.

A couple of tears were shed as we said goodbye but our rabbit seemed very happy in its new surroundings and did not even try to follow us back. It was just too busy munching away on the fresh grass shoots….

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The Rabbit Saga Continues…

One of our kid’s teachers found out about the loss of our rabbit the other day and decided to be “nice” to us and buy us another one! The thought was kind but it would have been nice if she had asked us first before just handing over a baby rabbit to our kid just before the end of the school day. Obviously, the kids were thrilled and were attached to it right away; but obviously we could not refuse it. How rude is that?

In China, we have found that pets often can be easily discarded as soon as they are not “cute” anymore. For us it becomes another member of the family and we will be taking care of this rabbit theoretically for the length of its lifetime, which could be up to 5 or 6 years.

Well the kids are happy as Tuzi #1 got replaced…mom and dad have another opinion.

The rabbit saga continues…

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Tuzi 2005-2006

A tragedy has occurred in our household yesterday. An event that has left us all in mourning, kids crying, the “big” questions about life being asked and general sadness and despair. This tragedy is the untimely demise of our little pet rabbit….

Tuzi (which means “rabbit” in pinyin) was a lovely pet and was absolutely adored by my three daughters. It was very affectionate and appeared smart but had a very nasty habit of chewing cables and wires of all sorts. Unfortunately the last wire it chewed was that of a live 220 volt electrical cord. We don’t believe it suffered and its relatively short life as a pet rabbit will not be forgotten.

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