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Dog, man’s best meat?

I walked by an outdoor meat market the other day and many exotic meats were on display and sales were brisk. Live chickens, large chunks of beek, pork and lamb hanging on hooks, lots of “mystery meat” on display everywhere, organs, blood sausages, pig rectums, sheep eyeballs, etc, etc – a real vegetarian’s nightmare!

What seems to be in “season” these days are frogs, turtles and small river crabs, I must try to get a recipe for that (maybe later)!

However, what seems to be the main delicacy and had the most people clambering for a part of the inventory was dog meat. Very popular in this part of China. Entire streets are devoted to restaurants specializing in dog meat cuisine…yumm.

Well in a country like China, food is a very important part of life and the chinese have developed a rich food culture over the last 5000 years. There is even a story about a Chinese Emperor and his love for the canine meat.

It started with Liu Bang, first emperor of the Han dynasty, who liked the taste of dog meat. Before becoming emperor he was an official and frequented a local dog restaurant run by a man named Fan Kuai.

But Liu Bang never paid for his meals, so Fan Kuai moved his restaurant to the far side of a nearby lake, taking all of the boats with him to prevent Liu Bang from crossing the water.

When Liu Bang arrived at the lakeside, though, legend has it that a giant turtle emerged and carried him across, infuriating Fan, who killed the turtle, chopped it up and threw it into his dog meat stew. As punishment, Liu Bang confiscated Fan’s knives, and the restaurateur was forced to use his hands to carve cooked dogs after that.

Anyway, love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter. This will not stop the large amount of people from happily cueing up for their portion of man’s best friend…


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Today was an interesting day. We all went ti the Tonghua mountain park and the place was heaving and very chaotic. Thousands of people milling around, a real carnaval atmosphere. Visited a Buddist Temple, hiked a fair amount, ate some street food cooked by Xinjiang people (muslims from Western China) and played a “throw a hoop” game to win a rabbit! It was actually a sad sight that animal rights activists would have freaked out at, all these people throwing hoops and plastic bowls to try to hit rabbits, dogs, cats, fish, birds, packs of cigaretes in way too tiny cages…. These animals getting banged about every few seconds…. Anyway, I got a small Albino rabbit and that made the kids happy and ended the day well.

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