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Tongue Olympics

While the Olympic games are going on in Torino, I am having my own type of Olympics as well. I will call it the tongue Olympics. I presume the tongue could be used in various other types of “sports” but in my particular case, it is used to taste a vast amount of wines.

Part of my new focus at work is to be involved and responsible for all bulk wines now in stock at the winery. There are over 20 million liters of wines now in stock spanning over 1000 vessels of all kinds (stainless steel tanks, metal tanks, plastic totes, cement tanks and of course oak barrels). I must taste samples of all wines in all vessels to know where the wines are at, pick out any potential problems or contamination and basically figure out what to do with all wines, treatments, which product to use them with and when. We will be tasting about 30 wines a day over the next couple of months and will get through all wines by then. My mouth takes a serious beating after every tasting but I am getting much more acquainted with what I will be doing over the next while. Let me tell you, tasting samples of Chinese wine all day is not always pretty or something to be envious about! When I am done this tasting cycle, then the planning will begin.

Tasting wine is a tough job….but someone has got to do it.

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