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All the Tea in China!

Tea is very much like wine. There are many different varieties of it, grown in specific types of regions with certain types of climates and soils. There are many different growing and harvest techniques, processing methods and brewing techniques. Tea has a very long history that is steeped in tradition and culture. A huge array of quality, price levels, aromas and tastes exists it is overwhelming. This site will give you a brief idea of what I am talking about:

To really know tea and appreciate it is to drink it on a regular basis and take an active interest in its complexities.

One person who has done that is my father. Since his arrival in China, he has been spending his days drinking tea, buying tea, buying teapots, reading up on tea, going to teahouses and talking with women in teahouses…

The other night I took my father out to a nice tea house nearby which had very nice traditional decor and impeccable service. We ordered a good quality Fujian Oolong tea and enjoyed the whole tea ceremony that came along with the serving of this tea. We were with my friends David and Steven who proudly explained what they knew about this interesting part of Chinese culture.

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