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Tug of War…

Today at work the company exercised the uplifting of company moral and camaraderie with a good old Tug of War and skipping rope competition.

All employees took a break from work to take part in the event and cheer each other on. This was all in good fun and I am glad to say that the Cellar Rats team (my team) won the day! The company had over 1000 employees last year and through re-structuring, buy out by new owners, making the company more efficient and streamlining of operations, the amount of employees has gone down to less than 600. It is very important to strengthen the moral of the ones left to make sure that the company is ready for its next phase in growth.

At that time, we can all pull together in the same direction against our many competitors. I hope we are all strong enough for that.

November 9, 2005 at 6:34 am Leave a comment

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