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24 hours in LA..

On my way to Argentina, my travels inadvertently included a 24 hour stop in Los Angeles area. More specifically Manhattan Beach, California which is near the LAX airport.

The reason for this is the very slow process of clearing customs at the airport which then became even slower after their computer system crashed just as I was getting in line to go through. Well three hours later and after a lot of frustrations and witnessing “very difficult” people, my connecting flight to Santiago, Chile was long gone and I ended up stranded in LA.

I was put up in a small hotel room near the airport to await the next day’s flight which they were able to get me on “stand-by”.

With nothing to do and a bit of energy left in me, I decided to go visit the local surroundings. This ended up being Manhattan Beach which is obviously a coastal town near the airport, which a nice beach and trendy shops and restaurants.

It started to rain so I hit the closest bar for a pint of beer. The atmosphere was great as it was now “happy hour” and after a couple more beers, I started a conversation with “Paul” who was a local guy. We ended up really getting on the conversation kept flowing. So he wanted me to visit other bars with him which by then, I was in the mood for as well. Well about 6-7 bars later, I ended up meeting a large number of his friends and acquaintances, had a few interesting adventures and got to experience a typical Friday night on the town in the LA area. I had a great time, met some TV personalities, homeless people, gang members, surfer boys, etc.

The next morning, I woke up and didn’t really remember how I got to the hotel room, I must say that I was glad to be in one piece eventhough I had a terrible headache. I eventually made my way to the airport to catch my 14 hour flight to Santiago. I don’t think my headache subsided until I was halfway down the Peruvian airspace…

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