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Losing Weight

One thing has happened since the whole family moved to China a few months ago. We are all healthier and Clare and I have lost excess weight and feel better for it. Obviously the main reason is that we are eating a lot healthier than we did in England or Canada. Way less starch or carbohydrates. There is no good cheese here either, which we used to eat on a daily basis. It was hard getting used to not eating bread all the time, but after the initial cravings for it, we are now getting used to it.

We eat a lot of very flavourful and exotic foods but more in the “Atkins Diet” style. Chinese people eat a lot of vegetables and meat but not too many carbohydrates, except for rice.

One thing we miss a lot though is baked food. Few people have ovens here so no baked foods. On the weekend we found a place that sells ovens so we will buy one this week so that Clare can start making cakes, cookies, bread, etc. We are also planning to make cheese like I used to do in Canada. I guess we will gain our weight back soon….

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