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140 Year Old Vines – La Mancha Spain

140 Year Old Vines – La Mancha Spain

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The other part of my Spanish journey was spent in La Mancha, a couple hours south of Madrid. The land that made “Don Chicote” famous.

What impressed me the most about this region is the scenery of course but also the ancient vineyards that have vines whose average age is well over a 100 years. The wine is good, under valued I think and worth looking at more seriously and the quality of what I tasted was excellent.

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Bodegas Farina – Toro, Spain

Mr. Farina

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Spent a great day in Toro, Spain today visiting Bodegas Farina and tasting its fabulous wines.

Toro was the region that used to supply the Spanish royalty with wines and was traditionally a very strong and alcoholic wine. Now it is one of the most fashionable wine regions in Spain and Farina is known to be the best producer.

This is certainly a winery I want to work with as its products are greata nd the people are wonderful to deal with as well.

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