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Its in your best interest to hold it in!

Had a great day yesterday. My sister arrived in Tonghua from Beijing. I hadn’t seen her in about a year and a half. We had very good food at a nice restaurant, went to a fun fair and did some shopping. She loves China and wants to move here by next spring.

The only thing that she has a hard time to get used to are the toilets. Well, I don’t blame her. These particular ones were pretty bad. We could smell them from about 200 meters away and being inside them makes you want skip the toilets and just wear “Depends” all day! Thank God it wasn’t hot outside. I can just imagine the stench at 35’C…. It makes the toilets in the toilet scene in “Trainspotting” look pretty appealing.

Aside from this, I look forward to the two weeks she will spend with us here. I think she will just make sure she does her “business” before leaving the house in the morning…

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